Executive Team Coaching and Assessment

Leading in the twenty-first century requires an ability to learn and re-invent yourself over the span of your career—to expand your capacity—to become more adaptive, collaborative, and strategic. The kind of development available in one-size executive programs or behavior-focused coaching is insufficient for this growth.

Context coaching relationships provide the space to inquire into aspirations and dilemmas. Our coaches draw on our own management and leadership experience to help you navigate accelerating complexity and change. We bring a depth of insight and an honest outside perspective to support and challenge, as you develop new practices that can be applied real time, in the midst of daily work.

We integrate developmental assessments which complement your company’s performance management systems, including The Leadership Circle, Global Leadership Profile, and Hogan Assessments.

Mary Stacey Coaching Biography

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“You were able to quickly assess my challenges and help me think about them differently as well as provide me with additional tools or ways to approach them. I am very grateful.”
Hassane Cisse, Deputy General Counsel, Legal Vice Presidency, The World Bank