Burren Leadership Retreat

August 28-31 2023.​ The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

The Burren Leadership Retreat is a by-invitation gathering of global senior leaders who are reaching beyond conventional executive development programs, and are committed to developing their personal capacity as they simultaneously lead systems change.

This program is a first-of-its kind opportunity for accomplished leaders and renowned artists to co-create and open new leadership territory.

The environment is designed to provide ample time for personal reflection, peer inquiry and coaching, and whole group discussion about organizations, systems, and leadership itself.

You will leave the retreat having had the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on, receive peer coaching about, and begin to take steps toward the next phase of your leadership
  • Develop greater leadership presence and resilience
  • Practice powerful forms of collaborative and inquiring leadership
  • Increase your capacity to lead systemic change
  • Access a global network of leaders who can continue to be a source of support and inspiration
  • Contribute to evolving the practice of leadership, for the sake of future generations.

Full details of the Burren Executive Leadership Retreat are available here.

“The Retreat filled me with a centeredness and hope in the face of some of the most challenging days in my country. The experience two years ago was deep and remains a touchstone.”
Michele Cahill, Distinguished Fellow in Education and Youth Development, National Center for Civic Innovation, New York, U.S.A