Reilly Dow

Reilly is a graphic facilitator, born in Canada and based in Mexico City. Since 2008, she has supported organizations on four continents, creating visual representations to facilitate greater creativity, depth, and engagement. She uses graphic recording and visual facilitation with diverse groups looking to share, understand, and act on important ideas. By listening, synthesizing, and documenting both content and social process, Reilly helps clients and collaborators enter into dialogue and move forward with greater clarity and commitment. 

Her work has been featured in the International Journal for the Creative Arts in Interprofessional Practice (IJCAIP) and in the book series Advances in Presencing: Emerging Perspectives (Trifoss Business Press). Reilly has been a member of the facilitation team for the Burren Executive Leadership Retreat since 2016, is part of the global delivery network for Visual Practice Workshop, led by Kelvy Bird and Alfredo Carlo.

She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP) and holds a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies.