Dana Carman

Dana Carman is an expert in human and organizational transformation. Since 1985 Dana has worked as a senior advisor, consultant and executive coach to leaders of more than 200 visionary organizations on 5 five continents. His clients include multi-nationals; small and mid-sized market leaders, governments and NGO’s that are committed to making a significant impact nationally, regionally and globally.

For well over two decades Dana has brought an Integral Whole Systems Approach to complex organizational change. His clients typically engage him when the cost of not succeeding with a key strategy or initiative is unacceptable. Dana’s footprint is an organization that is producing results at a new level, accompanied by a culture of greater agility, resilience and trust.

Dana is certified in numerous organizational assessments and approaches, including the Leadership Circle 360 and Leadership Circle Collective Leadership Certification, the Global Leadership Profile, Holocracy, Overcoming your Immunity to Change and Polarity Management. He utilizes these and other approaches appropriate to each clients unique situation.